Adept Technologies, A Little About Us

Adept Technologies is a family-owned, up-and-coming computer repair and web services partnership. It is located in Howell, Michigan. We’re a small team, but our list of services is vast. In this article, we’ll be going over just two. No less, they’re not to be understated as they’re the foundation of our business.

Computer Repair

Dealing with computer issues in today’s day and age can be catastrophic. Our lives intertwine so deeply with the online world that losing access for even a few days could feel devastating. That’s where Adept Technologies comes in. For computer repair Howell MI, they’re your guys from H.P. to Dell, Windows, Linux, or even ChromeOS and Android. They can repair almost any Apple product. However, getting parts is tough, as Apple restricts third-party shops. That being said, they cannot service them. This list encompasses iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, and more. Adept Technologies may only be one year old, but their technicians individually hold over ten years of experience. Their journeys have taken them throughout the world of I.T., both residential and business. We asked one technician, Kyle, what are the most common laptop issues you see? He responds, “The most common residential laptop issue we encounter is traditional hard drives. Whether they’ve kicked the bucket or are just too slow for the modern day.” Adept Technologies’ expertise doesn’t end at repair; they also have a robust lineup of desktops on their website. They also offer custom computer builds, but that’s for another article.

Website Design

Are you starting a business or need a website for your current company? Look no further than website designer Howell MI A.K.A. Adept Technologies. With over ten years of experience working with languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript; and libraries like JQuery and Bootstrap. Their technicians can bring your vision to fruition. At Adept Technologies, they understand that your website is the digital face of your business. They’ll work with you step by step whether you already have a design in mind or need something built from the ground up.

They also offer other services like maintenance, support, optimization, and vulnerability checks. Errors on your website? Has the layout shifted in an unintended way? Perhaps it’s time for some maintenance. Adept Technologies is adept at working with any HTML CSS website. Error or layout correction is no problem. Visit their website today for a quote. Are you tired of bots using your contact section? We offer ReCaptchaV3 integration with any website. Google’s ReCaptcha system is renowned for its bot detection ability. Google’s ReCaptchaV3 differs from its older versions, ReCaptchaV2 and ReCaptchaV1, in that it’s “frictionless,” meaning no more identifying pictures. For the customer, it’s seamless by website designer Howell MI. For bots, it’s impassable. No more spam E-Mails of scammers or bots pretending to be customers to try to sell a product. Just you and your customer. Please find out more today on their website.

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