A Complete Guide to Minecraft Warden

The recent Wild Update, included in Minecraft 1.19, added several new features, focusing on the deep dark biome, an unsettling underground world with risks and rewards.

The Minecraft Warden, a new hostile mob introduced in Minecraft 1.19, is the most dangerous enemy in the Deep Dark. Despite its appearance resembling an upright, oddly-coloured cow, the Warden is a blind predator that detects players through sounds and vibrations. This strong predator protects the biome and its treasures, presenting a substantial challenge to players. The Warden is one of Minecraft’s most challenging enemies, capable of eliminating players with a single hit (though Netherite armour provides some additional protection).

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From Warden’s location to how to beat or avoid him. Here’s everything you should know about Warden in Minecraft.

Where to Find the Warden in Minecraft?

The Warden Minecraft does not spawn like other mobs but appears in regions with low light levels at a set distance from the player. It only appears in the Deep Dark biome, one of the first underground biomes in the 2021 Caves and Cliffs update. Deep Dark Caves emerge on the lowest levels of world generation, barely a few levels above the bedrock.

How to Avoid Warden?

For most players, the best strategy is to creep around and use wool to dampen the vibrations around the Sculk Sensors, avoiding interactions with the Mincraft Warden. If things don’t go as planned, you can escape the Warden Minecraft by throwing snowballs or other projectiles around to distract it. Another option is to pillar up, as the Warden cannot follow you up a pillar.

How to Find the Warden in Minecraft?

To summon a Warden Minecraft, you must activate any Shrieker thrice in 10 minutes. Other mobs that trigger Shriekers do not count towards summoning. When summoned, the Warden answers the Shrieker’s third cry within six seconds, excavating into the next available area. The Minecraft Warden casts the Darkness effect every six seconds in a 20-block radius, lasting twelve seconds. It then sniffs the air and detects any player within sixteen blocks. The Warden tracks its target via sound or vibrations and prioritizes player activities, so proceed cautiously.

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What Does the Warden Drop?

The Warden in Minecraft has 500 health points (HP) and deals different damage depending on the game’s difficulty level.

 EasyNormal Hard
Melee16 (8 Hearts)30 (15 Hearts45 (22.5 Hearts)
Ranged6 (3 Hearts)10 (5 Hearts)15 (7.5 Hearts)

If you defeat a Warden Minecraft, it will drop 5 XP and a Sculk Catalyst, a block that may be used to create your own Sculk effects if you kill mobs that drop XP nearby.

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