When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Buyer Persona?

Understanding the buyer persona is highly important for business. You might have developed a buyer persona to start your marketing campaign. But, have you updated it after a certain period? 

A buyer persona is not just an imaginary person. It helps you identify the right marketing strategies and achieve the best result. However, in some cases, the buyer persona needs to be refreshed. If you want to target a different type of customer, you must update the buyer persona.

What to include in your buyer persona?

  • The age range of your potential customers
  • Their pain points
  • Aims for using your services or products
  • Preferred communication channels
  • Demographic details like responsibilities and job titles
  • Personality type and other psychographic details

Updating the buyer persona every few years is important. It will provide a detailed insight into any potential modifications to the customer base. Based on your insight, you can adjust your marketing approach and increase the conversion rate. Your business will receive more revenue with this effort.

Technological development is the most common factor causing a shift in consumer behaviour. Do your customers use smartphones very often? Do they like to use social platforms very often? You must focus on these questions while updating buyer personas.

Yearly updates of buyer personas give you access to useful data on your target users. You will have a comprehensive understanding of the audience who will receive your relevant messages.

Deciding on the frequency of updating the buying persona

There are some reasons for refining your buying persona:

Chance of getting new data- If you get fresh data about your target customer base, you can use the details. For instance, a few years ago, you targeted women of about 30 years or older. However, the current data shows an increase in this age range.

Constantly evolving target audience and business- Your business is evolving, and you have started offering new things. So, you want to target consumers with new demographic details.

Different market conditions and trends- Sometimes, you need to update buyer personas if new trends emerge in the market. Thus, the originally created buyer personas will not help you make the marketing campaign effective. 

Events like industry trends and conferences inspiring a new look- These events will help you learn about the new data from thought leaders. Yearly surveys also allow you to collect relevant data about your potential customers.

There are several buyer personas- Although it is good to have multiple buyer personas, you may find it difficult to hone your marketing program. You will need to aim at several targets.

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