The Importance of Proper Window Maintenance: Tips for Extending Lifespan and Performance

Faulty windows plagued by sticking sashes and ineffective seals can frustrate homeowners. But before replacing them, know that window performance can often be restored with proper maintenance.

This article will provide expert window care tips from GVD Renovations to restore your windows’ function. Let’s dive in!

Clean and Lubricate the Window Tracks

Window tracks can quickly accumulate dead insects and dust, causing trouble opening or closing a window. Thankfully, you don’t need to be an expert or have expensive tools to restore your windows to their original state. You can clean them using only a few Q-tips and a bottle of vinegar once every two to three months to keep the debris build-up to a minimum.

However, if your window remains challenging to open, the tracks likely require lubrication. After cleaning, apply a silicone-based lubricant to the tracks to ensure the window operates smoothly.

Lastly, steer clear of abrasive cleaners or chemical solvents, as they can harm and scratch the surface, causing the window to lose its shine and luster.

If you still face the same issues, it might be your call to reach out to the services of a window repair company near you.

Watch Out for Cracks

Many homeowners have issues with excessive moisture that remains even after regular maintenance. In these cases, it’s essential to inspect for cracks in the windows that could explain the humidity. Issues like fissures in the glass, wood, or seals could be the culprit as they allow infiltration. However, they can be fixed using only DIY repair kits.

While cracked window panes can be fixed using readily available repair kits and simple caulking materials, delaying the repair could cause additional damage. It’s essential to address the issue promptly to prevent further complications.

A rotating wooden framework can be repaired if the issue is addressed early. Specifically, lean out the impacted areas using essential tools like a screwdriver. Next, apply putty to the holes, allow it to dry, smooth the surface with sandpaper, and finish by repainting the area.

Remember that consistent examination and immediate repairs avert expensive window damage.

Repair Window Damage Immediately

Address any window damage as soon as it’s noticed. Remember, minor problems can quickly turn into significant repairs if neglected. Therefore, it’s crucial to promptly clean dirty tracks, fix cracked seals, or rectify any other window issues to avoid their deterioration over time.

The sooner you fix minor problems, the longer you can avoid expensive repairs. Act now, as window damage does not repair itself.

Repaint Wooden Frames at the First Sign of Chipping

To preserve aesthetics and performance, wooden window frames require regular repainting to safeguard against weathering and obstruct moisture permeation. More specifically, you need to apply a new layer of paint at the first indication of chipping paint before the wood is vulnerable to elements. However, if your windows are subjected to sunlight and gusty winds, repaint them more frequently – every 3-4 years.

Before you start repairing your windows, clean the surface thoroughly first. Also, avoid coating movable components such as ridges and pivot bars during the process. After repainting, keep the windows open until fully cured.

Seal the Gaps

Weather exposure, especially to rain and sunlight, can cause windows to develop gaps and cracks over time. These defects allow the air to flow, disrupting heating and cooling efficiency. This also increases electric bill costs, as energy systems work harder to combat the temperature loss or gain due to airflow.

It’s highly recommended to regularly inspect window seals for wear and replace or repair them with caulk or rubber foam as needed. Sealing the gaps has enormous benefits for optimizing energy performance and preventing higher utility bills.

Inspect Your Windows Annually

Carrying out yearly window inspections is crucial to spot defects early on before they escalate into more significant issues. Pay close attention to:

  • Leaks or moisture around frames
  • Cracks in paint or materials
  • Broken window seals
  • Issues with sliding sashes
  • Problems turning cranks

You should pay particular attention to windows near sprinklers or vents, as prolonged water exposure causes damage. Don’t forget to inspect for hail damage in cases of storms.

Finally, when it comes to screens, clean them yearly. Start by vacuuming the dust first, then use dish soap and warm water to remove stuck-on dirt. While it may take time, this annual chore ensures that screens effectively provide clear views and keep out insects and pollen.

Utilize Vinegar and Regular Cleaning if You Reside Near the Coastline

Frequent window cleaning is essential to counteract corrosive salt spray if your home is near the ocean. Yearly window cleaning might be adequate if you’re located away from the coast, but if you’re near the sea, it’s advisable to undertake thorough cleanings every quarter. Regularly rinsing your windows with a garden hose can be effective for maintenance between deep cleans. However, generously spray the windows with white vinegar for deeper cleaning, let them sit briefly, and then scrub.

Employing vinegar is crucial because its acidic nature helps break down salt deposits before they can harm window frames. Regular rinsing combined with quarterly vinegar cleaning can ward off the expensive corrosive damage caused by sea air.

Check the Window Fit

With time, windows can develop fit issues from weathering, seasonal temperature swings, and general wear. An improper fit can significantly affect performance, decreasing energy efficiency and allowing air and water infiltration.

Make sure to check window edges for gaps closely. Adjusting the hardware or reinstalling it may improve the window fit.


Windows are essential to any home as they provide natural light, improve air quality, and enhance energy efficiency. However, without proper care, windows can deteriorate over time.

By following our guide for a regular maintenance routine, homeowners can extend the life of their windows and avoid expensive repairs that may appear down the road.

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